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A talk about the North by Dr Bill Lancaster (Director of the North East History Institute, now retired)

Crowley's Crew

Peterloo & the Town Moor Protest - p.79 - Journal of North East History

Chartism on Tyneside

Chartist Disturbances in NE England 1839

A British Revolution in C19th?

Lower Derwent Valley Timeline

Allen, Joan.  Joseph Cowen and Popular Radicalism on Tyneside 1829-1900 Merlin Press. 2007.

Todd, Nigel.  The Militant Democracy:  Joseph Cowen and Victorian Radicalism.  Bewick Press. 1991.

The Cowen family

Joseph Cowen in a nutshell

Radical Tyneside

The Life and Speeches of Joseph Cowen M.P. by E.R.Jones

An Archaeological Survey of Blaydon Burn

Journal of the North East Labour History Society


Political Radicalism in the North East of England 1830-1860 - Durham E-Thesis by Keith Wilson 1987


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