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'A Legend Evermore' is the name of a local history outreach project created by Winlaton Local History Society using a grant from Durham Community Foundation.

Local musician RolyVeitch has recorded a CD of songs about the history of the lower Derwent Valley, centred on Blaydon and Winlaton.

Winlaton Local History Society prepared a pack for schools in the area, including an A4 book, a copy of the CD and a poster promoting the project, the Society and this Portal.

The fully-illustrated book contains the lyrics and specially-written local history background for each track. Schools can photocopy pages and there is a loan box of 35 copies available for use in class. Send an email to make a reservation.

To download the pdf of the interior, please click here.

More detailed local history information designed for adults and more able students will be made available to be downloaded from this website.

The track list is below.  When you click on the title of the track, you will be taken to a page devoted to that song.


1     Winlaton Coal

2     Crowley’s Crew                                         

3     A Keelman's Lament  (a fictional story of a keelman press ganged)                              

4     The Lead Road

5     Silver Hill Days   (Instrumental) 

6     The Blaydon Brick (Joe Cowen)                               

7     Winlaton Hopping                                   

8     Winlaton Rapper Calling-on Song          

9     A Legend Evermore (a history of the Blaydon Races)                                 

10   Blaydon Races                                        

11   Coffee Johnny Wore a White Top Hat    

12   The Battle of Stella Haugh                      

13   The Spike, Down by the Riverside          

14   Summerhill Blue  (instrumental)                                           

15   Canny Old Blaydon  (a song listing most of the old shops of old Blaydon)                               

16   Three Cheers for Blaydon Co-op    

17   The Keelman's Way  (imagining the keelman era while walking the footpath)

18  The Keel Row

19    Summerhill Sunset (instrumental)             




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