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Winlaton Hopping

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Ye sons of glee come join with me, 
Who all love mirth and topping, O; 
You'll ne'er refuse to hear my muse,
of Winlaton's famous hopping, O. 
To Tench's Hotel now retire,
To tipple away so neatly, O;
The fiddle and song you'll sure admire,
Together they sound so sweetly, O.

Chorus - - -

Fal the dal la, fal the dal la,
Fal the dal the di dee O,
Fal the dal la, fal the dal la,
Fal the dal the di dee O.

Ranged in a row, a glorious show,
The spice and nuts for cracking, O;
With handsome toys for girls and boys,
at Winlaton's famous Hopping, O.
Each to the stalls lead his dear lass,
And treat her there so sweetly, O;
Then straight retire to drink a glass,
And shuffle and cut so neatly, O.

With box and die you'll Sammy spy,
Of late Sword-Dancers' Bessy, O—
Soon Peacock drew his pipes and blew,
And Tench he tuned his fiddle, O;
Wor Painter Jack he led the van,
The drum did join in chorus, O.
The young and old then danced and sang,
All cares fled far before us, O.

The night came on, with dance and song
Each public-house did jingle, O;
All ranks did swear to banish care,
The married and the single, O;
They tripped away till morning light,
Then slept sound without rocking, O.
Next day they drank in merry plight,
And jaw'd about the Hopping, O.

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