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The Battle of Stella Haugh

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Stella Haugh is where the  Blaydon Races used to be

A meadow just beside the Tyne that's steeped in history

In August, sixteen forty quite a battle took place there

Between the English and the Scots and all because of prayer


For Charles believed divine the right of kings, his word was law

His pious views he tried to force on Scotland risking war

As many Scots resented interference in their ways

And so they took up arms to try to end those troubled days


A powerful army was amassed of Scotland's brave and bold

They headed south towards the Tyne then set up their stronghold

Initially they tried to lodge petitions for their cause

But these were shunned then followed on a most uneasy pause


The king on hearing of this raid the gentry's help he sought

His northern friends took up the call and fighting men were brought

To Stella on the southern bank just over from the foe

And then there was a stand off, no one yet would strike a blow


A Scotsman then decided that his horse must take a drink

A deadly English shot rang out, a rash impulse they think    

It brought immediate Scots response, their cannon firing then

The English, though they had dug in, lost many of their men


As Scots charged forward by a ford the English did withdraw

To higher ground above the haugh then stand and fight once more

But no avail, the Scots advanced and now in disarray

The royalists retreated south, to Durham, then away


The battle won but not the war this matter then dragged on

King Charles was so intransigent that many wished him gone

And Cromwell, tough Old Ironsides, was waiting in the wings

A man who held in much contempt the divine right of kings

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