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A Legend Evermore

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At Blaydon near the river

Ran a point to point horse race

Eighteen eleven it began

As hoppings week took place

Sword dancers canny to behold

Round villages did go

While keelmen and the pitmen bold

Raised money for the show


But railways came and took the land

A premature demise

So then another course they planned

They're choice a big surprise

For who'd have thought this track would be

On Blaydon Island fair

A special place and all agree

A course beyond compare


From eighteen sixty one to five

It proved a huge success

A joyful anthem helped it thrive

George Ridley's song no less

Then once again fate took a hand

This island had to go

The Tyne Commission cleared the land

Improved the river flow


So once again began the quest

Again the course was moved

To Stella Haugh just further west

A final fling it proved

The great war came and so the end

In nineteen sixteen came

But Ridley's words so neatly penned

A rallying cry became


And so this song we sing with pride

Has grown into folklore

And made our races known worldwide

A legend evermore

A legend evermore

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