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Winlaton Coal

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Coal mining here on Tyneside goes back a long, long way

To medieval times and even Roman days they say

But whereabouts did this all start, well here's a story true

That gives some indication if you're looking for a clue


Chorus - - -

The coal we hew, the corve we fill, then haul it to the shaft

Another load heads down the hill, another days hard graft


In thirteen sixty seven good King Edward's request came

Six hundred tons of coal required and ordered in his name

To use for burning lime to make the mortar for the stone

Repairing Windsor Castle, so the archive deeds have shown


Winlaton coal mines were the source, they'd sent supplies before

A thriving industry was there and coal was at its core

Pitmen and keelmen working hard with danger all around

Men, women and their children who were working underground


The coal was taken by packhorse to staiths down on the Tyne

At Blaydon and at Stella too, the keel boats all in line

The keels down river took their load to where the big ships lay

Transferred the coal into their holds, they did this night and day


The loaded ships went off to sea, to London and beyond

While huge increase in coal demand caused mining to respond

And soon pits opened far and wide, a new age they would bring

Winlaton's mines helped pave the way and coal would now be king






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